It’s never easy to see a loved one in pain. We recognize the strength it takes to support friends and family. Debilitating spine conditions take a toll on patients and on their support systems. At Deuk Spine Institute, we understand that pain has a ripple effect on relationships, emotions, self-esteem and moods. We’re here to help.

Deuk Spine Caregiver Support

Spine conditions don’t discriminate

Anyone can be affected by a spine condition. There’s no foolproof way to guarantee spine safety. Simply living life affects the spine in different ways, and every individual’s spinal health and resilience is unique. Simply aging naturally puts people at risk of developing various spine conditions. Certain activities and accidents may increase the risk of spine conditions, but there’s no single cause of spine conditions.

Living with a debilitating spine condition

Numbness, pain, constant tingling and loss of mobility take a toll on quality of life. Even those with a vibrant support system of friends, family and coworkers may feel isolated by pain and hopeless. Those suffering from chronic pain worry that life will always involve pain and disability. Imagine wondering if you’ll be able to play with your children or grandchild, or if you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite activities.

Spine conditions affect everyone

We know how hard it is to watch a loved one struggle with pain. Caregivers, friends and loved ones experience helplessness and frustration. At Deuk Spine Institute, we’re accustomed to managing pain and discomfort. Caregivers don’t have that kind of experience, and they may find themselves faced with feelings of failure or disconnection with a loved one. If you’re a caregiver, give yourself permission to feel discouraged. Seek your own safety net in the form or a support system or trusted friend you can talk to.

Tips for caregivers

  • Bring a notepad to your loved one’s appointment so you can take notes
  • Write down questions ahead of time so you don’t forget anything
  • Remind yourself that pain from a spine condition requires a doctor’s care
  • Take time to do things that help you relieve stress and make you feel happy
  • Remember that pain affects your loved one’s moods and attitude; it isn’t personal

You can’t fix pain by yourself

Most of all, remember that you can offer love and support, but you can’t heal your loved one. Take the first step and help your loved one get diagnosed. An accurate diagnosis is the first step toward a plan of treatment that will offer relief from chronic pain. Book an appointment at Deuk Spine Institute and we’ll do everything we can to help. It’s what we do.



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