Spinal stenosis occurs when, usually due to the age of the body, the spinal canal narrows and puts pressure on the important spinal nerves. Narrowing can happen for several reasons, such as ligaments and cartilage thickening in the canal, or excessive bone growth simply causing the opening to become more slender over time. The risk of this problem increases as a patient passes 50 years of age, due in part to years of stress on the spine and the tendency of tissue and bone to become less sturdy or flexible with decades of repeated use. Bone disease or spinal injury may also be contributing factors in stenosis of the spine, in patients of any age.

Spinal stenosis diagnosis

Easily identifiable on a MRI, spinal narrowing appears just as it is described. With a characteristic narrowing of nerve passageways, we are able to see the source of such growth, whether it be a herniated disc, inflammation, bone spurs or brought on by spondylolisthesis. Typically patients do not seek treatment for spinal narrowing or spinal stenosis until radiculopathy sets in due to a nerve being pinched or compressed.

Spinal stenosis treatment

While temporary relief can be found by leaning forward, such as in the sitting position, naturally one can’t live in one position. To gain lasting effects, those suffering from stenosis of the spine should look into minimally invasive laser spinal surgery, such as the procedures offered by the Deuk Spine Institute. With no bone cutting, a short recovery period, and unmatched professionalism in treatment, the institute provides even the most nervous patient peace of mind when it comes to his or her recovery from spinal stenosis. With a well trained staff available to answer all questions and a proven success rate of over 95%, the pain you suffer from spinal stenosis can swiftly become a thing of the past.

Spinal stenosis (cervical)

Spinal stenosis (thoracic)

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