Laser Spine Surgery that works

Imagine driving, walking and shopping just one day after spine surgery. Imagine life without chronic, debilitating back or neck pain.

Deuk Laser Disc Repair makes this possible.

Dr. Ara Deukmedjian’s Deuk Laser Disc Repair has revolutionized minimally invasive spinal surgery. This modern alternative to spinal fusion surgery and outdated laser surgery techniques has a 95% success rate — and does not weaken or damage the spine.

Deuk Spine has had zero complications in the twelve years that Dr. Deukmedjian has been performing laser spinal surgery.

Dr. Deukmedjian is so confident in the results of Deuk Laser Disc Repair that he is the first surgeon to offer a surgical warranty.

We’ve invested in your future

“We’re very excited about this technology and we want more people to benefit from it.” — Dr. Ara Deukmedjian

Neurosurgeon Ara Deukmedjian developed Deuk Laser Disc Repair after recognizing a need for improvement in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery. He traveled the world to study emerging surgical technologies and procedures, and developed his own unique method of using laser technology to heal the spine.

Believing in this procedure’s power to improve lives and end pain, he personally invested in the state of the art equipment and facility needed to make the Deuk Laser Disc Repair available to more people.

Learn why Deuk Laser Disc Repair is the BEST laser spine surgery option.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery for Back and Neck Pain - Deuk Laser Disc Repair

Advanced laser spine surgery

Laser Spine Surgery (Deuk Laser Disc Repair)Laser spine surgery is a form of endoscopic surgery. Deuk Laser Disc Repair is performed while patients relax under twilight sedation. An endoscope and live imaging are used to visualize the damaged disc. Using a precision laser, Dr. Deuk expertly removes only the damaged disc tissue causing pain and discomfort.

After surgery, patients wake up to immediate relief and a surgical scar so small it can be covered with a 1 inch by 1 inch Band-aid. Learn more about how laser spine surgery works.

Laser Spine Surgery vs Spinal Fusion and Other Lasers

A patient-focused spinal procedure

At Deuk Spine Institute, we believe physicians have a responsibility to do what’s best for patients. Traditional spinal fusions and laser spine surgery techniques that damage the spine are more profitable for spinal surgeons. We’re not driven by opportunities to make more money. We’re driven by our capacity to help others.

As a world renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Deuk has unique insight into the intricacies of spinal health and nerves. Laser spine surgery at Deuk Spine Institute can treat bulging discs, sciatica, spinal stenosis, pinched nerves, and other conditions that cause intense, chronic pain.

Deuk Spine Institute only performs this groundbreaking procedure when a patient’s condition calls for it. Let our team of physicians help you determine the cause of your pain and the very best treatment plan for you.



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