If you must have spinal fusion surgery, you’ll want Deuk Spine Institute to perform your surgery.

The Deuk Spinal Fusion Difference

  • World Class Surgery Facility with 0% Infection Rate
  • Spinal Fusion Complication Rate Under 1%
  • Out Patient Surgery
  • Fast Spinal Surgery Recovery Times – Some Return to Work in 2 Weeks

Contact Deuk Spine Institute today and discover why patients needing spinal fusion surgery travel across the US to be treated by Dr. Deuk and his team. View the patient lumbar spinal fusion video at the bottom of the page to learn about her Deuk Spine Institute experience. You can watch live spine surgeries that include minimally invasive laser spine surgeries and spinal fusion surgeries.

How spinal fusion works

Spinal fusion surgery offers relief from back pain symptoms related to herniated discs or bone spurs. Before surgery, patients report chronic pain, loss of motion or coordination, numbness and tingling. Spinal fusion surgery treats these debilitating symptoms by:

  • Removing the problematic disc, eliminating the source of pain
  • Fusing the space between the vertebrae to prevent further irritation
  • Locking the vertebrae into place using medical-grade titanium rods and screws

Advanced Spinal Fusion Surgery with Fast Recovery - Deuk Spine Institute

A safer spinal fusion technique

With a complication rate of less than 1%, Deuk Spinal Fusion is the most effective spinal fusion technique available today. We strongly believe in minimizing collateral damage to bone and soft tissues in the body. Our unique outpatient procedure has a significantly shorter recovery time than traditional spinal fusions.

Experience a gentle recovery

Deuk Spinal Fusion patients return home to recover in a comfortable setting the same day of surgery. Many of our patients are back to work and pain free as early as two weeks after having spinal fusion surgery. We accomplish this by performing your surgery to our impeccable standards at our world class medical facility, not the standards dictated by hospital administrators or insurance companies.Back Injury, Spinal Fusion Recovery - Deuk Spinal Fusion

Our team of specialists at Surgery Center of Viera make your care the number one priority for the duration of your stay. We believe in changing your life for the better without throwing your life out of balance.

If you’re in pain, it doesn’t have to last forever

Contact Deuk Spine Institute to find out if you’re a candidate for back surgery or other state of the art techniques that provide relief and get you back in action.



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