Hundreds of millions of people around the world suffer from chronic neck and back pain on a daily basis, and while many of these people are able to achieve long-lasting pain relief with conservative treatments, in some cases surgery may be required to fully eliminate the root causes of pain.

When choosing where to have your surgery done, It is a common misconception that you can expect similar results between different surgeons and surgeries. In reality, there can be dramatic differences in outcomes, pain relief, recovery times and complications between one surgeon or surgery and another. Choosing the best available surgery and surgeon are crucially important steps in ensuring that you experience the best possible results with the lowest possible chance of complications. 

We’ve prepared a chart which goes over the average outcomes at Deuk Spine Institute compared with an “Average Surgeon” you might encounter somewhere else.

Understanding these figures and what your surgeons results are is a critically important part of selecting who will be responsible for your surgery. We’ve compiled a list of important questions for you to ask your surgeon so you can have a better idea of what to expect during and after your surgery.

1) What is your complication rate?

2) What kind of complications have you had?

3) How much neck/back pain relief can I expect after surgery?

4) How much relief of my arm/leg symptoms can I expect after surgery?

5) How long will I be out of work?

6) How long will my recovery be?

Asking your surgeon these questions is a critically important step in ensuring that you get the best surgery and results possible. If you don’t like the answers you hear, it’s probably time to look elsewhere for a second opinion.

If you’d like to know firsthand what makes us different from the “Average Surgeon”, we offer a free MRI review for anyone who is looking to know more about their condition, treatment options, and how they can achieve lasting pain relief. There is no obligation, and we even offer a convenient online portal where you can upload your images no matter where you are in the world.

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