Deuk Spine Institute Physical Therapy While we pride ourselves on the surgical procedures offered at Deuk Spine Institute, we’re always thrilled to tell patients that they don’t need surgery at all. For those patients, we offer the very best in interventional pain management. Deuk Spine Institute’s team of neurospine surgeons, interventional pain management specialists, neurologists, and other healthcare professionals work together to ensure that physical therapy treatment plans are as beneficial as possible. Physical therapy can offer long-term relief from back and neck pain. Physical therapy for back pain and neck pain can help decrease pain, increase functional abilities, and provide important information about ways to maintain a healthy spine in the future. Therapies can be placed in two broad categories: active therapies and passive therapies.

Active Therapy for back pain and neck pain

Active physical therapy helps to rehabilitate the spine by providing added strength and flexibility. A unique exercise routine is designed to meet each patient’s specific needs. In most cases, exercises and/or stretches should also be performed at home as part of a regular routine.

Passive therapy for back pain and neck pain

Passive therapies are virtually always used in conjunction with active therapies. Passive back pain management therapy at Deuk Spine Institute can include the application of heat or cold, ultrasound, electronic stimulation, joint mobilization, and massage.

Physical therapy after surgery

Our physical therapy team also provides care for patients who have undergone a spine surgery or other interventional pain management procedures. We believe in empowering our patients to find relief, heal, and prevent future back and neck injuries. Physical therapy gives patients incredible insight into their overall physical health and the types of exercises and stretches that can make living — and playing — more enjoyable for years to come. Book an appointment to find out if you’re a candidate for physical therapy services with Deuk Spine Institute.


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