Curing Back & Neck Pain

Our minimally invasive laser spine procedure has patients back on their feet within an hour, with zero pain.
We accept patients with any insurance including worker’s compensation, personal injury, auto accidents, those no insurance or minimal coverage. Your insurance provider may not pay for some services that are provided by the Deuk Spine Institute, but we are willing to help steer you in the right direction towards effective, affordable treatment.


Dr. Patel communicates with his staff and patients.

World Leader in Laser Spine Surgery

With world-class physicians on staff, the newest and most advanced technology, and a patient experience pathway that is unrivaled in its efficiency and pedagogy of care, Deuk Spine Institute has performed thousands of procedures and achieves a 95% success rate in elimination of pain. 

The services we offer are not offered anywhere else in the world, and the treatments are curative, not palliative. On top of that, Dr. Deukmedjian is personally invested in the well-being of each and every patient, and has spared no expense to guarantee the best possible outcomes.
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Common Conditions We Can Cure

Minimally Invasive and Non-Destructive

Our advanced laser spine surgery, known as the Deuk Laser Disc Repair is a form of endoscopic surgery performed while patients relax under twilight sedation. An endoscope and live imaging are used to visualize the damaged disc. Using a precision laser, Dr. Deuk expertly removes only the damaged disc tissue causing pain and discomfort.

After surgery, patients wake up to immediate relief and a surgical scar so small it can be covered with a 1 inch by 1 inch Band-aid. Learn more about how laser spine surgery works.

Deuk Laser Disc Repair Open Spine Surgery
Smallest Incision
(4 Millimeters)
Large Incision (4-5 Inches)
No bones or muscles cut or drilled Muscles are cut and damaged
No hopsital stay 5-7 Day Hospital Stay
Immediate Return to Work Out of work for weeks or months
95% Average Pain Relief Pain relief can vary
Minimal Blood Loss
(3-7 Mililiters)
Significant Blood Loss
(Up to 3 Liters)
Zero Infections To Date Infection Rates Up to 20%

Types Of Pain We Can Cure

A Second Chance At A Pain-Free Life

Patients leave walking & moving better than they have in years. Listen to their stories…

Already have an MRI?

At Deuk Spine Institute, our mission is to work to eliminate all forms of chronic neck and back pain. As part of this, we are pleased to offer a completely free MRI review to help determine if our cutting-edge treatments would work for your individual situation.
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World-Class Treatment Methods

  • interventional-pain-management
Dr. Patel communicates with his staff and patients.

Are you a Candidate?

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Have I had back or neck pain for at least two months?
  • Do I have arm/leg pain, numbness, weakness, or tingling?
  • Do I have an MRI taken within the last year showing a herniated or bulging disc?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for treatment!
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What Causes Back Pain?

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Start Your MRI Review
“I just wanted to let you know the outstanding job you did performing my neck fusion. I am now 100% pain free! You are an amazing surgeon and a life saver!”
“Thank you for the wonderful job you and your staff did repairing my spine. I have never felt better in 20 years! I found you to be very confident and honest and that put my mind at ease.”
“The healing was much easier than I expected! Now, I am pain free, the nerve problems in my leg have disappeared, and I am performing activities again that I had previously given up.”