Epidural steroid injections are used to treat low back pain, neck pain, and leg pain. Injections may be used alone or in conjunction with other pain management measures. In some cases, epidural injections have proven to be an effective pain management tool for those with sciatica, a disease causing weakness, numbness, and tingling to travel down the lower back and into the legs.

epidural injection to treat back and neck pain

The Epidural Difference at Deuk Laser Spine

Many patients wonder why going to any clinic over another for an injection is necessary, after all, it should be as simple as inserting a needle into the affected region and delivering medication, right? It isn’t that simple. Every patient is different and taking a generic cookie cutter approach to injections is a surefire path to improper diagnosis.

Relief From Sciatica Pain

Take for example a patient we had recently. She was a female in her mid 40s that had been suffering from Sciatica over the past couple years. She came to us after having had previously been given an Epidural Steroid Injection at another treatment center in Florida where she seemingly did not find relief.

epidural injection - Deuk Spine

Their staff immediately sought to recommend this patient for surgery via traditional spinal fusion, which is a fairly serious surgery often involving extended recovery time. Fortunately, she opted for a second opinion and came to Deuk Spine Institute where we immediately began the proper course of treatment starting with conservative management and progressing into treatment with our Interventional Pain Management Specialists.

“She Was a New Woman”

Given her story, history suffering from Sciatica and our experience in treating the condition, our specialists knew there was a high probability that an Epidural Steroid Injection would indeed help relieve the pain and inflammation in her compressed Sciatic nerve and proceeded to administered the injection. Within the next day or two she was a new woman, having a renewed spring in her step that did not come accompanied by wincing or a limp. But how could this be?

What we have found is that many patients who have become stuck in the cycle of spine treatments by various clinics find themselves there because of a treating physicians inability to properly administer treatment and subsequent physicians not following up on whether the original procedure was performed correctly. Here at Deuk Spine Institute we have some of the best Interventional Pain Management Specialists available in the nation and we understand that not every condition requires surgery.

Not Every Patient Needs Surgery

In fact, almost 9 out of every 10 patients that come to Deuk Spine Institute from other spine surgeons do not need the recommended surgery but instead are in need of some form of therapy or pain management to allow proper healing.

This is what makes Deuk Spine Institute different and sets our trusted comprehensive care above the rest.

"I am essentially pain-free since my spinal epidural injections. I wish to thank you, Dr. Bharat Patel, I have been so pleased with this amazing treatment! I enjoyed the friendly, efficient staff at Deuk Spine Institute."


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