Spondylitis is a form of spinal arthritis that affects the joints in the spine, primarily the facets. Suffering from inflammation and irritation, the vertebral joints in the spine become painful, leading to loss of motion, tenderness, stiffness and further discomfort.

Spondylitis symptoms

Spondylitis, also known as facet disease, is typically brought on by aging of the spine. As we age, the joints in our spines, just like any other joint in the body, lose valuable protection in the form of cartilage through wear and tear. Once worn enough, the bones comprising the joints no longer have the guided protection of the cartilage and begin to wear on one another.

This wearing causes damage to the bones and subsequently results in the formation of bone spurs. These bone spurs, a byproduct of repair, actually hinder future movement by abnormally growing into and around moving spaces in the spine, creating additional wear and tear and inflammation as a result. This process is what continues until the joints become irreparable or proper treatment is sought.

Spondylitis diagnosis

As previously stated, Spondylitis is the existence of arthritis in the spine, particularly the facet joints. Once joints have become arthritic and normal wear and tear sets in, the formation of bone spurs occurs — further limiting movement and increasing discomfort. Through the use of imaging, our doctors are able to see the presence of bone spurs and inflammation in the joints with pin-point precision.

Spondylitis treatment

While arthritis itself is not a treatable condition as it is a normal part of aging, we are able to safely and effectively treat the symptoms associated with arthritis in the spine. In fact, if proper treatment is sought at Deuk Spine Institute, we are often able to prevent or delay future issues as a result of spinal arthritis.

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