Kyphosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine which causes the top of the back to appear more rounded than normal. We all have some curvature to our spine but a curve of more than 45 degrees is considered excessive. Most people know it as “hunchback.” A common cause is a spinal compression fracture which can be seen below:

Normal Vertebra

Fractured Vertebra

What causes kyphosis?

  • Poor posture
  • Abnormally shaped vertebrae
  • Abnormal development of the spine in the womb
  • Age
  • Spinal injury
  • Spinal compression fracture

No matter the cause, it is often difficult to correct kyphosis without surgical intervention.

Symptoms of kyphosis

  • Mild to severe back pain
  • Back pain with movement
  • Fatigue
  • Tenderness and stiffness in the spine
  • Forward posture of the head
  • Chest pain or difficulty breathing (severe cases)
  • Difference in shoulder height
  • Tight hamstrings

Depression and mental health issues sometimes develop as a result of the above symptoms.

Treatment options for kyphosis

At Deuk Spine Institute, we offer different treatment options for kyphosis. Often corrective curvature of the spine surgery is required to resolve or improve the condition. Our doctors perform a procedure called a kyphoplasty in order to fix the spinal fracture with a medical-grade cement. To learn more about kyphoplasty, click here.

If you or a loved one experiencing back pain or kyphosis symptoms, Deuk Spine Institute is ready to assist you and is accepting new patients. To learn more, contact us or give us a call at 1-800-FIX-MY-BACK.

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