This disease affects the cartilage found in the joints of the spine or facet joints. When degenerative joint disease occurs, the cartilage that allows the facets to move and bend freely wears away, causing tenderness, inflammation, stiffness and/or pain from bone on bone friction. Over time, the formation of bone spurs may occur, which can further add to the stress imposed on deteriorated joints and introduce a variety of conditions, including spinal stenosis, if not properly treated. Deuk Spine Institute offers a variety ways to treat the symptoms of degenerative joint disease in the neck and back.

Degenerative Joint Disease Treatment

Degenerative Joint Disease Diagnosis

Patients who suffer from some form of degenerative joint disease of the spine will often complain about stiffness in the neck or back along with weakness or tingling in the limbs.

Identifying the source of the pain is key in the delivering of proper treatment. Many of the effects of degenerative joint disease can be seen relatively easily via the use of an MRI. Finding the source of the pain, however, requires a physical examination along with a possible battery of tests.

Degenerative Joint Disease Treatment

Due to the regressive nature of the spine, degenerative joint disease is not something that can be cured. However, symptoms can be treated through careful targeting of problematic conditions associated with degenerative joint disease. At Deuk Spine Institute, we’re able to treat degenerative joint disease in a variety of ways:



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