Deuk Laser Disc Repair uses a precision laser and unique techniques to vaporize the herniated tissue. Bone and surrounding tissues are not damaged during this procedure, unlike traditional spinal fusions and other laser spine surgeries. Dr. Deuk has developed a way to access the disc where he does not have to drill through bone. The technique he uses has a 95% success rate — and does not weaken or damage the spine.

We do not drill bone to repair your disc. Drilling through bone weakens and destabilizes the spine, which leads to future complications that may require fusion surgery. Once the herniation has been gently vaporized, the body can heal naturally. Irritation around the spine decreases and neurological symptoms from nerve root pressure subside. In time, the disc functions as it did before injury and herniation.

Deuk Spine has had zero complications in the eight years that Dr. Deukmedjian has been performing laser spinal surgery.

We also have a 0% infection rate.