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Total Spine And Orthopedics Review: Everything You Need To Know

Dr. Deuk
An expert in all things spine, Dr. Deukmedjain is a board certified neurosurgeon who has performed thousands of minimally invasive surgeries and procedures including the revolutionary Deuk Laser Disc Repair and the Deuk Spinal Fusion. 

Chronic back and neck pain have numerous negative effects. People who suffer from it find it difficult to perform day-to-day activities, and it can impact all facets of one’s health, including mental, emotional, and social. Total Spine and Orthopedics Wellness is one of several centers that cater to chronic back and neck pain treatment with board-certified surgeons providing minimally-invasive treatments.

This article reviews Total Spine and Orthopedics treatment options, surgery procedures, and alternative treatments for chronic back and neck pain treatment. 

What is Total Spine & Orthopedics Wellness?

Total Spine and Orthopedics is a board-certified spine and orthopedic practice that treats chronic back and neck pain at reasonable costs. This wellness institute provides a full range of services, including chiropractic, physical therapy, interventional pain treatment, and minimally invasive surgery, in the treatment of spine and joint conditions such as:



Conditions treated by Total Spine & Orthopedics Wellness. 

Total Spine and Orthopedics Wellness, established in 2020, aims to emphasize patients’ interests and concerns continually.  They treat a range of spine and joint conditions such as:

  1. Sciatica: Sciatica is caused by irritation of the nerve roots in the lower and lumbarsacral spine. The nerve roots may be pinched by the narrowing of their pathway, also known as foraminal stenosis, which irritates the nerves and causes pain and other sciatica symptoms, such as weakness, numbness, and shooting pain.
  2. Bulging discs: A bulging disc occurs when the disc—a soft tissue sac—between the vertebrae bones of the spine ruptures or shifts outside of the area it should be in. Also called a ruptured or slipped disc, this problem can occur in the neck area, but is most common in the lower back, called the lumbar region.
  3. Whiplash: Whiplash is a neck injury caused by a quick, strong back-and-forth neck movement, similar to a whip.
  4. Spinal Stenosis: Spinal stenosis occurs when, usually due to the age of the body, the spinal canal narrows and puts pressure on the important spinal nerves. The lower back and neck are the most common sites for spinal stenosis.
  5. Neck and Back Pain: The spine is a major source of chronic pain because it is responsible for sustaining the upper body’s weight while remaining flexible enough for movement.

Other spine and joint conditions being treated at Total Spine and Orthopedics Wellness include degenerative disc disease, bone spurs, arthritis, SI joint pain, compressed nerves, radiculopathy, joint and nerve pain, scoliosis & pinched nerves. 

Procedures and Treatments performed at Total Spine & Orthopedics Wellness. 

The various procedures and treatment options available at Total Spine & Orthopedics Wellness include: 

  1. Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF): Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) is a type of neck surgery. It is performed to remove a herniated disc or bone spur from the cervical spine. The goal of the surgery is to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. ACDF is typically performed as an outpatient procedure, which means the patient can go home the same day. 
  2. Cervical Disc Replacement: Cervical disc replacement is a surgical procedure to relieve pain and restore motion in the neck. The surgery is performed through a small incision in the front of the neck. The damaged disc is removed and replaced with an artificial disc.
  3. Discectomy: A discectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing a herniated disc from the spinal column. This procedure is performed when other conservative treatments, such as physical therapy and medications, have failed to provide relief from pain.
  4. Pain Management Injections: Injections are a non-surgical therapeutic option for acute or persistent neck or back discomfort. They are used to treat spinal pain when other non-surgical options such as drugs or therapy have been exhausted, but before surgery is considered.
  5. Minimally invasive decompression surgery is frequently used on patients with a compressed nerve along their spinal cord, causing both local and radiating discomfort.
  6. Laminectomy: A laminectomy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or nerves. It involves removing a small section of the lamina, the bony plate that covers the spinal cord. This relieves pressure on the spinal cord or nerves and can improve symptoms such as pain, numbness, and weakness.

Total Spine and Orthopedics offers therapies designed to target your spine illness at its root cause, providing more long-term relief than other conservative therapy options. The procedures are also more patient-pleasing and require less recovery time than traditional open back surgery.

Is Total Spine and Orthopedics Wellness Good? 

While Total Spine and Orthopedics offers many treatment options for various spinal, neck, and back issues, it’s important to consider alternatives when looking at treatment options. 

The Best Alternative to Total Spine and Orthopedics Wellness 

If you have recurrent back and neck pain and are looking for an alternative to Total Spine and Orthopedics Wellness institute, the surgeons at Deuk Spine Institute are your best bet. Request a free MRI examination.

Deuk Spine Institute is the world leader in Laser Spine Surgery. Dr. Ara Deukmedjian, founder of Deuk Spine Institute, developed the world’s most advanced laser spine surgery. This laser spine surgery is known as Deuk Laser Disc Repair. Deuk Laser Disc Repair is used as an alternative to dangerous invasive surgeries like total disc replacement and spinal fusion. 



Deuk Laser Disc Repair is a form of endoscopic spine surgery performed in a state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center under sedation while the patient relaxes. This procedure does not compromise or weaken the health and integrity of the spine.



Deuk Spine Institute is situated in the Florida cities of Melbourne and Titusville. Deuk Spine’s objective is to treat back pain and neck pain successfully, utilizing minimally invasive treatments and cutting-edge medical technology while giving the greatest patient care possible.

Why choose Deuk Spine Institute? 

Deuk Spine Institute employs world-class physicians, the latest cutting-edge technology, and a patient-centered experience unparalleled in its efficiency and pedagogy of care. The Institute has performed hundreds of surgeries and has a 95% success rate in pain reduction.

The services provided are unique globally, and the therapies are curative rather than palliative. This means that instead of temporarily relieving pain, we are fixing the cause of the pain. Physicians are committed to every patient’s well-being and have gone to great lengths to ensure the greatest possible outcomes.

If you would like to enjoy patient-oriented care delivered by well-advanced physicians, contact us at Deuk Spine Institute today. We offer free consultation on your MRI scan. Visit our site here to start your treatment, or submit your MRI for a free review with our team.

Total Spine and Orthopedics Wellness and Deuk Spine Institute: A Comparison

While both Total Spine and Orthopedics Wellness and Deuk Spine Institute perform spine surgeries, both claim to provide cutting-edge, minimally invasive procedures, and both can specialize in the spine. 

But the difference is that the Duek Spine Institute offers the Deuk Laser Disc Repair, a laser spine surgery technique performed nowhere else. The Deuk Laser Disc Repair is a minimally invasive, outpatient surgical method that uses endoscopic techniques to repair problematic discs without fusion, or implants.

Deuk Laser Disc Repair is the world’s most advanced laser spine surgery, utilized as an alternative to risky invasive procedures such as total disc replacement and spinal fusion.



Deuk Laser Disc Repair requires a very small incision, less than a quarter inch long. A cylindrical rod called a dilator is inserted in the small opening to gently spread the muscle to create a small passage and guide through which the surgery is performed endoscopically. 

The tip of the dilator is advanced into the symptomatic disc through the tear in the annulus where the herniation originates, and a tube called the retractor slides over the dilator and is carefully positioned into the painful disc. The rest of the entire Deuk laser disc repair surgery will occur inside this narrow tube.

Here is a video showing how the Deuk laser disk repair surgery work: 

Why use Deuk Laser Disc Repair?

  • Unlike spine surgery such as microdiscectomy or fusion, Deuk Laser Disc Repair doesn’t need the removal of normal bone or joints to repair degenerative discs. Spine surgery that uses bone and joint damaging procedures damages and destabilizes the spine, perhaps necessitating fusion surgery in the future.
  • The procedure goes through your stomach to reach your back, as is done with total disc replacement surgery for back pain.
  • The Deuk Laser Disc Repair surgery allows the disc to recover naturally.
  • No internal damage or scarring 
  • No postoperative pain killers 
  • Same day surgery outpatient 
  • No surgical complications to date 

Deuk Laser Disc Repair is the best laser spine surgery with the lowest risk of complications and the highest success rates. Unlike other laser spine surgery techniques, Deuk Laser does not degrade or weaken the spine’s health.

Submit your MRI for a free review with our team.

Bottom Line

Agreeing to spine surgery is a major decision that should not be made lightly. It is best practice to seek a consultation with several different surgeons before agreeing to be treated by any of them. When deciding who is qualified to be your spine surgeon, there are many factors to consider. However, there is no single, universal answer that fits every unique situation. The only good choice is the best choice for you and the healthcare facility that prioritizes patients’ well-being.

Deuk Spine Institute is a patient-focused healthcare center–we’re driven by our capacity to help others. We believe physicians have a responsibility to do what is best for patients, and the temporary relief of traditional spinal fusions and laser spine surgery techniques that damage the spine aren’t worth the extra cost–financially and physically to the patient. 

Contact us at Deuk Spine Institute today, and get a free MRI review with our team.

Cure your back and neck pain once and for all.

Deuk Laser Disc Repair has patients back on their feet within an hour, feeling zero pain
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