Spinal surgery without the long recovery

In many cases, only 5 to 10% of a disc’s tissue is herniated. Deuk Laser Disc Repair addresses only the problem tissue while preserving healthy disc tissue. Using a precision laser, our unique laser spine surgery technique vaporizes the herniated tissue. Bone and surrounding tissues are not damaged during this procedure, unlike traditional spinal fusions.

This gentle, minimally invasive back surgery gets you back on your feet immediately. Our patients walk out of the outpatient surgery center immediately reporting a newfound freedom from chronic pain.

How Laser Spine Surgery Works

Deuk Laser Disc Repair difference

What’s the difference between our laser spine surgery and other techniques?

  • We don’t drill bone to repair your disc. Drilling through bone weakens and destabilizes the spine, which leads to future complications that may require fusion surgery.
  • We don’t go through your stomach to reach your back, unlike most surgeons.

Deuk Laser Disc Repair doesn’t compromise the stability of the spine, making it the only laser spine surgery of its kind. Instead, we use a patented endoscopic technique that gently pushes aside tissue.

This amazing outpatient surgery leaves an incision smaller than a dime.

Laser spine surgery that helps your body heal

We have a unique goal when we perform Deuk Laser Disc Repair. Instead of removing an entire disc and placing screws and rods along the spine, our unique laser spine surgery creates space for the disc to heal on its own.

Once the herniation has been gently vaporized, the body can heal naturally. Irritation around the spine decreases and neurological symptoms from nerve root pressure subside. In time, the disc functions as it did before injury and herniation.

Laser spine surgery developed specifically to treat pain

Laminectomy and microdiscectomy procedures are the most commonly performed spine surgeries. They treat weakness, numbness, tingling and pain in the legs or arms. They weren’t developed to treat back pain and neck pain symptoms.

Deuk Laser Disc Repair specifically addresses pain along with arm and leg symptoms. That’s what makes it so unique. This patented spine surgery is the only way to fix disc pain.



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