Spinal narrowing, or spinal stenosis, is the narrowing of the spinal canal or passageways through which nerves pass. Caused by a multitude of different spinal conditions, spinal stenosis is the precursor to the occurrence of pinched nerves. If left unattended, neurological symptoms like tenderness, tingling, weakness and pain may occur, at times radiating into the arms or legs.

Spinal narrowing diagnosis

MRI diagnosis of spinal narrowing
Easily identifiable on an MRI, spinal narrowing appears just as it is described. With a characteristic narrowing of nerve passageways, we are able to see the source of such growth, whether it be a herniated disc, inflammation, bone spurs or brought on by spondylolisthesis. Typically patients do not seek treatment for spinal narrowing or spinal stenosis until radiculopathy sets in due to a nerve being pinched or compressed.

Spinal narrowing treatment

Once a patient has been diagnosed with spinal narrowing, we verify the source of the impairment, whether it be a herniated disc, bone spur, scoliosis or a combination of conditions, and determine an effective course of action starting with non-surgical methods. Should the condition not respond to conservative treatment, minimally invasive spinal stenosis surgery and pain management techniques may be used to achieve the desired level of relief for the patient.

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