Leg pain is a common condition that is caused by many types of injury or illness. Whether moderate or severe, leg pain causes issues with mobility, making everyday activities difficult. Even walking could become too strenuous for someone suffering from leg pain. Pain in the legs is often caused by issues in the lower back. In other cases, the leg itself may have an injury.

Neurogenic Claudication

Neurogenic claudication is defined as pain and cramping in the legs or pain and cramping in the buttocks due to narrowing of the spinal canal in the lumbar region or lumbar spinal stenosis causing compression of the nerve root. This is often due to conditions such as herniated or bulging discs in the lower back or lumbar spine, degenerative disc disease, or bone spurs that cause the stenosis or narrowing of the neuroforamen of the lumbar spine, where sensitive nerve roots reside.

Leg pain affects mobility

Leg Pain Diagnosis

To determine if the cause of the pain is neurogenic claudication from a herniated disc or bulging disc, other causes must be eliminated through the appropriate diagnostic testing, such as an MRI or discogram. Another cause of leg pain that may present symptoms similar to neurogenic claudication is intermittent claudication, or narrowing of the arteries in the legs. This results in a lack of blood flow to the legs and causes pain in the legs while walking.

Leg Pain Treatment

Treatment for neurogenic claudication is surgical and the newest, safest surgery to treat neurogenic claudication is Deuk Laser Disc Repair, a minimally invasive laser spine surgery that is performed outpatient with a 95% success rate.

Are you or a loved one experiencing leg pain? Deuk Spine Institute is always accepting new patient inquiries. To learn more about treating leg pain, contact us or give us a call at 1-800-FIX-MY-BACK.

Choosing to undergo spine surgery under the advice of our Doctors can be a monumental step towards reducing or completely eliminating your neck or back pain. After you have made the decision to go through with the procedure, you may have some questions about financing, insurance, or about the surgery itself. Our team is standing by to answer any of these questions for you over the phone (1-800-349-6922) or in person, and to help make this process as easy as possible, we’ve put together a list of 6 creative ways you can use to help pay for your spine surgery or other procedure.

1) Embrace Your Inner Artist 
If you like to knit, sew, paint, or one of countless other arts and craft hobbies, you may be able to continue to develop your hobby while also earning some additional income. With the advent of the internet, it has become very easy to set up a small store where you can list your creations for sale. eBay, Etsy, and many other online marketplaces exist that allow you to set up your own storefront and showcase your creations.

2) Recycling Aluminum and Scrap Metal 
If you or someone in your family uses a lot of cans or other aluminum products, you may be able to take these to a local junkyard or recycling center and sell them for a modest price. Picking up cans that have been left in the park or on the beach is another great way to help your community and earn a little extra cash for your procedure too.

3) Clean Out Your Garage 
Nothing beats the classics, and a garage sale is as classic as they come. You may have heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and this is basically the entire philosophy behind garage sales. You would be surprised at how many tools, electronics, sports equipment, and furniture the average house collects over the years. Having a garage sale is a great way to help clean your house and provide some extra income as well.

3) Crowdfunding 
You may have seen crowdfunding in the news lately as it is quickly rising in popularity for not just the medical field, but across countless industries. Essentially, crowdfunding is a platform that allows people to set up a campaign and have friends, family, and the public contribute small amounts to help finance your surgery. Crowdfunding donations are also typically allowed to be anonymous so you can rest easy knowing that your donor’s privacy will be protected. YouCaring and GoFundMe are two popular sites that will allow you to set up a campaign.

5) House Sitting 
With the ease of travel in the modern era, it’s not uncommon for families to travel multiple times per year. Many of these families would like extra peace of mind that their property is in good hands, so they may seek someone who can regularly check up on their home and keep their yard in good shape. Thumbtack and Rover are two sites that allow you to find people looking for someone to watch over their home while they are away.

6) Dog Walking 
Did you know that there are almost 90 million dogs living with families in the U.S.? Unfortunately, busy work and school schedules may prevent some of these families from walking their dogs as often as they should. If you enjoy being around dogs, and wouldn’t mind the extra exercise, dog walking might be a good option for you.