Your procedure is booked and you’re ready to embark on a pain-free lifestyle. What happens next?

Planning for your surgery

Thanks for giving Deuk Spine Institute the opportunity to treat your pain with a proven surgical procedure.

  • Choose a friend or loved one as your designated driver/caregiver to accompany you to your surgery. Feel free to leave his or her cell phone number with one of our Deuk Spine Institute team members. We’ll share any relevant updates with your designated caregiver.
  • Follow the medication guidelines given to you by your care team at Deuk Spine Institute.
  • Avoid eating or drinking after midnight on the night before your procedure. Water and gum count as eating and drinking.
  •  Do not smoke cigarettes or use tobacco products for 6 weeks before your surgery.

We’ll keep you busy, but it never hurts to bring along a few comforts from home. Pack a tote with a favorite book or eReader, and a soft sweater or sweatshirt.

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